Tendon-Care contains high doses of collagen, MSM and vitamin C, which are the three pillars for good tendon healing. Both tendonsand ligaments consist of fibres of which collagen is the most important building block. A good supply of collagen is therefore essential for the production and repair of these connective tissue fibres. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) stimulates the immune response, reduces inflammatory reactions and stimulates the healing of connectives tissues such as tendons and ligaments. MSM also has a positive effect on the repair and suppleness of the muscles. A deficit of vitamin C leads to weakening of tendonsand ligaments and an increased risk of injuries. This is because vitamin C is essential for building up the collagen naturally occurring in the body. By combining these three nutrients with chondroitinand glucosamine, a supplement is obtained that accelerates and supports the slow healing of tendon and ligament injuries.


When is Tendon-Care used?

  • In horses with tendon, muscle or ligament injuries to promote recovery
  • For the prevention of injuries during strenuous exertion or in horses that are susceptible to injuries.






2.7 kg [5 lb 15 oz] bucket


1 x 30g [1 oz] scoop per horse per day mixed in with the feed 90-day course of treatment


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