To support the respiratorysystem many plant extracts are used: Pimpinella anisum (aniseed), Thymus vulgaris (thyme), Pinus sylvestris (pine), Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) and Salva officinalis (sage) are added to loosen mucus and clear the airways. Glycerin and honey have a soothing effect on the throat. Propolis has been added because of its natural antibacterial effect.


When is Respitop used?

  • Horse cough
  • Wheezing horses
  • Before and after long periods of transport
  • Dust-sensitive horses
  • As a course of treatment to help the airways in viral infections
  • For long periods in horses with recurring airway obstructions





0.5 litre bottle

Instructions for use

25 ml to 50 ml per horse per day mixed in with the feed
– 10 to 20-day course of treatment
– Shake well before use


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