Sport, recreational and older horses often suffer from chronic pain. Pro-Motion is a supplement that soothes this pain and improves performance. As well as ingredients with a soothing effect it also contains antioxidants. In horses with chronic joint conditions it can be combined with a product that supports the joint, such as Arti-Sport.


When is Pro-Motion used?

  • For all horses with chronic pain  




Pro-Motion contains vitamin E, which is known for its powerful action as an antioxidant. It prevents cell damage and accelerates recovery. By adding the very powerful ingredients green-lipped mussel, harpagophytum, ribes nigrum and yucca, which all have a powerful antioxidant effect, a suppling and soothing effect on the joints and muscles is obtained. With a balanced combination of all these natural ingredients, the activity and performance of your horse will improve markedly.

Pro-Motion cannot be used on competition days (FEI) due to the addition of devil’s claw (harpagophytum). For competition horses, you can switch to P-Block or Top-Competition two days before the start of the competition.



2.7 kg [5 lb 15 oz] bucket
1 kg [2 lb 3 oz] bucket


1 x 30 gram [1 oz] scoop per horse per day mixed in with the feed
33-day course of treatment


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