Muscle Relax

Muscle Relax

Muscle Relax


As well as primary back and neck problems, also very slight irregularities in gait or balance can result in a horse putting uneven loads on itself, resulting in stiffness in the back or neck. Even after the initial problem has been resolved, the back and neck pain can persist for a lengthy period and cause a reduction in performance. Muscle Relax has been specially developed for horses with stiffness in the back and neck muscles, tired muscles and stress. It provides for a general improvement in the horse’s condition, supports the skeleton, improves nerve conduction and helps the muscles to relax and then afterwards to recover more quickly.


When is Muscle Relax used?

  • Stressed horses
  • Horses with back and neck problems
  • Horses in rehabilitation after an orthopaedic problem/orthopaedic operation
  • Sport horses




Muscle Relax contains high concentrations of magnesium and calcium. These two minerals are essential for a strong skeleton and healthy bones, but they also have a favourable effect on the nervous system, muscle function and the electrolyte balance. Often magnesiumis not present in sufficient quantities in the feed. Muscle Relax contains the best absorbable form of magnesium, namely magnesium citrate. A shortage of magnesium can lead to muscle cramps and impaired nerve stimulation, resulting in tense reactions and increased excitability.



3 litre bottle


1 x 35 ml measuring cup per adult horse per day mixed in with the feed
For foals, 1 x 15 ml measuring cup per day mixed in with the feed
85-day course of treatment based on administration of 35 ml/day


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