Immunotop contains high concentrations of vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B12 to support the horse’s natural resistance. The presence of Siberian ginseng helps to combat fatigue after strenuous exertion and increases vitality. The presence of trace elements such as Zinc is also important for effective production of immune cells. There is not enough naturally occurring zinc in grass and hay. Both coneflower and Dog rose act as immunomodulators and have a positive effect on the working of the immune system. Turmeric stimulates the production of a specific protein (CAMP) which is essential in the immune response. Finally, blackcurrant acts as an antioxidant to stimulate vitality.



When is Immunotop used?

  • During or after illness, to speed up recovery.
  • In horses that exert themselves strenuously
  • In periods of stress
  • In (older) horses to keep their physical condition in good shape
  • In foals to give them extra protection against infections
  • Horses that naturally have reduced resistance.
  • In periods with poor weather conditions (extreme cold/heat)






0.50 litre bottle


25ml per horse per day mixed in with the feed
20-day course of treatment
Shake well before use


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